Earl Atkin’s Rescue Eagle


This is the Rescue Eagle, based on the 44″ studio model used to film the series, as seen before restoration (just a little cleaner). Construction was straight forward, with no hidden problems at all. I like the fact that the small Lunar Modules were added to the tops of the fore & aft corridor boxes, as a small tribute to the Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle.  Paints used were MM Lt Grey, Humbrol Gloss White, Lt Ghost & Dk Ghost Grey, with Neutral Grey used on the landing gear. To obtain my dirty “off” White, I mixed 2 Humbrol White Tinlets to 3/4 bottle of the MM Lt Grey. Kit decals were used, for the main markings, as well as spares box decals were used to make colored stripes for the main trusses.    I also made up a display stand from sheet styrene, shaped to represent the landing pads on Alpha, with the Moonbase Logo & series opening credit title, for each Eagle

Earl Atkins

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