Earl Atkins’ Jupiter 2


Here are a few pics of my Jupiter 2 kit.  I opted to leave the top loose, as she will run on batteries for now. You will notice a slight gap around the edge of the hull.   I used some of the Paragrafix Photoetch on the interior, as well as the kit and Para supplied translucent sheet.

The lights for the freeze tubes and elevator were held in place by using the lens frames from a Sylvania 3 LED light puck, separated, filed to shape, and glued on the underside of the floor.  The static discharge tubes were replaced with 3/16 acrylic rod so the light would transmit evenly through the whole length of the tube.

I had originally planned to add in 9 LED lights for the landing bays, but when I hooked them into the rest of the system, the 5 volt system kept burning them out. The LEDS were made for a 4.5 volt flashlight.  They also raised the whole interior by another 1/16 to 1/8 inch. The cover wouldn’t close. So I went with the stock lighting.

Earl Atkins

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