Earl Atkins’ Invaders UFO


Nice to see this kit re-released again by Atlantis Models in it’s originally designed Aurora artwork box from the 60’s. This kit was previously released by Monogram some time in the late 80’s, early 90’s.
All the pieces are there, as originally produced.

Anyway, the kit is a straightforward build, as there are not too many pieces in the kit.   I started by scraping, and or filling the twenty something injector pin marks on the interior walls. Most were very shallow and cleaned up quite nicely.  Parts fitting went cleanly, as I have built the two previous incarnations (showing my age), getting the Aurora one for my 12th birthday.

The upper and lower hulls were glued together and then filled with Tamiya putty, and allowed to dry for a couple of days, and then wet sanded smooth.

The top, outer hull & landing legs were sprayed with Testors Non-Buffing Aluminum, and then oversprayed with Testors M.M. Metallic German Grey.  Once dry,they were sprayed with a coat of Future Floor Polish and set aside.

The interior walls were sprayed M.M. Lt. Ghost Grey, and Bare Metal Foil was used to cover the doors.
Details were painted with Humbrol Satin Black, Silver, M.M. Intermediate Blue, Yellow, Met. Blue, Gold, and Burnt Umber for the floor.

Looking at the CultTVman site, I was viewing Joel Tavera’s UFO build, and liked what he did with his box cover version, so I did my version, using his idea for his engine colours.  On the Underside of the UFO, the power source was sprayed with M.M. Orange, & then Humbrol Gloss Red was sprayed around the circumference of the disc to give the impression of POWER.  The clear light covers were sprayed Tamiya Clear Blue-on the inside, allowed to dry, and then attached with Micro Crystal Clear.  The crew’s jumpsuits were painted M.M. Non-Specular Sea Blue.
The walls were attached to the interior in their positions, Pilot seat & transporter stalls attached. and dividing walls inserted. Test fit dividers before painting. Mine were a little tight, so I took of a blade width (m.m.)on the bottom edge of the four ends. so they slid in without binding.   Landing legs were then attached, and top put on.

Overall, a simple build of an iconic TV spacecraft. Beware, they are out there!

Earl Atkins


  1. Earl,
    Superb clean build of the Atlantis model.You did a fine job on the interior.Well done.
    Joel Tavera

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