Doug Cowles’ Refit Enterprise #2

Some time ago I submitted some pictures of an Enterprise model I had built which still appear on your web site. Since then, with the encouragement of a number of modelers and a lot of additional research, I have completed a new Enterprise which is much more accurate and to my liking. If at first you don’t succeed…

This is my second attempt at building the Enterprise.

When I finished my first model, I thought I had achieved a high level of accuracy and had accomplished a fine feat of modeling perfection. I expounded upon my modeling methods in hopes of providing other modelers with some insight into my grand techniques and expertise in the hobby but have since eaten more than one slice of humble pie. I did do some things the same as the first time, but I did a lot of things differently as well.

There are a number of world class modelers out there who either took time to e-mail me with comments or, after posting their work on the net, I contacted them and asked for advice. In no particular order, I owe Hal Bierman, Thorsten Scholz,  and Anthony Napolitano a great deal of thanks for their guidance and inspiration in setting me on the right path to really producing the model I wanted in the first place. These individuals treated me with respect and truly cared enough to help when I asked for it. I believe the final results are a combined effort on all our parts. It’s good to have individuals like this and this web site as well, out there promoting the hobby of modeling and willing to bring us all to a higher level of professionalism.

Hal Bierman, JT Graphics, Don’s Light and Magic and Walker Enterprises provided all the after market parts and pieces (and I do mean all because if there’s an accurizing part, decal or tool out there, it’s on this model) and again, my thanks to them for what they have added to this project.

I also did A LOT more research into the studio model this time and really did my homework before beginning to build. I was amazed at how many more references there were available that I didn’t take time to access the first time.

So, without further ado, I’ll let the finished product do the rest of the talking and hope everyone enjoys.

Doug Cowles




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