Dimitri Vujicic’s scratchbuilt NX-01


This is my version of the NX-01. It is a result of my point of view the ship should look like. I wasn´t happy, even angry about the design shown on the TV-series, so I decided to build my own.

It is completely built from scratch. I modified parts from an old Enterprise B kit, used several boeing-parts, took Galileo 7 craft-nacelles and much more. Unfortunately I burned them with a hairdryer while trying to dry the paint. After my rehabilitation from that shock I was able to proceed my work. I cut the engines near the pylons. The tips were still usable. That’s why the nacelles look like this, but I think they turned out great, even better than before. I had to take the thrusters from an old X-Wing-fighter to built the engines end.

This model took me a long, long time – over a year, with interruptions of course. It is approximately 7.1 inches long and 3.2 inches wide.

Dimitri Vujicic

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