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The first photos show the Revell vinyl kit of Val Kilmer. Kilmer of course was Batman for this one film only. However, Bob Kane, the created of the Batman said that Kilmer was in his opinion “The best for the role”.

The first photos show the Revell vinyl kit of Val Kilmer. Kilmer of course was Batman for this one film only. However, Bob Kane, the created of the Batman said that Kilmer was in his opinion “The best for the role”.

Anyway, I went to the hobby shop looking for a grayish blue to try and match the movie look of the Bat suit. I learned quickly not to always trust the judgment of some kid working in a hobby store. Its a basic Grey and I simply added a little bit of flat black to the same color to get the highlighted areas to stand out. Lot’s of dry brushing on this one. Also, because I bought the kit on e-bay, no Batarang. So, I improvised and I think it turned out okay. Finally, I picked up a piece of wood and carved a bat signal and added some paint for the base. About a dollar and a half for the wood base which was already cut into the oval shape needed.

The last images show my attempt at the Horizon vinyl model kit for Batman Returns. I started by painting his suit in a Gloss Black, but did not like it, so I finished off with a coat of flat black leaving some Gloss Black details. I think it turned out well. I will also point out that I used Aircraft interior black on his cape to give it a stand out look from the actual suit.

UPDATE 1-8-08

The newest pictures are of a Billiken Batman. It was painted with flat black, a touch of black and grey on boots and gloves and a little aircraft interior black for the cape.

I got three Batman Forever model kits from Revell off of e-bay. My first was featured here earlier. I thought I would give one a try looking like the one featured on the model kit box. Basic black, however, for this kit I used gloss black and used a little bit of grey and black to highlight certain areas on his suit. Oh yeah, and like the last kit I purchased on e-bay, the box and bag were already opened so the Batarang was missing. I took the Batarang from the other kit for these pictures.

UPDATE 9-14-08

Here are pictures of an Aurora Batman model kit. This was a Revell re-issue of the old Aurora kit (I think). It was the first “figure” kit I ever built. I tried to use paints that were kind of washed out or pale to give it the old comic book look.

Next is a original Horizon vinyl model kit of Robin the Boy Wonder. Basic acrylics were used. Once again looking for that comic book look.

And finally, pictures of the Horizon vinyl Batman. This was put out to co-inside with Tim Burton’s original Batman movie. Although the arms and legs were produced so the model could be posed in different positions, I chose to make it statue like in this reached out set up. This was due only to the fact that the previous owner had trimmed the arms to much and to save the model I had to glue the arms into place. I still think it looks cool. However, it does look more like an inexpensive doll. With that in mind, Horizon came out with a much cooler rendition of the Batman for the next movie and model kit. That one is already being shown with my other models.

UPDATE 9-24-08

When I had first sent pictures to CultTVman of model figures I had worked on, the only comments I got from people was, “do you build anything other than Batman”? Well, I took that comment to heart and realized that Batman is nothing without the Boy Wonder at his side. So, here are my built up Revell original vinyl model kits of Batman and Robin. As you may recall, Revell put these out a few years ago in conjunction with the Batman Forever movie.

Batman was very difficult because I decided to try and make the costume look like the movie Batman. After using metallic blue as a base and seeing that it was way to dark, I took chrome and blue and dry brushed repeatedly until I got the lighter blue to come out.

As for Robin, he to was done mostly with a lot of dry brushing to the green arms and legs. I started with a dark green base and worked my way up to the finished look. The Red on his suit was done with a base red acrylic and then covered with a clear red.

Robins head was spray painted in a dull coat with the rest of the body and cape being done with an ultra gloss coat. Same with the Batman. An overall gloss coat to make his suit shine.

Dennis P. Hogan

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