Dennis Hogan’s Thor


You know, with the new Avengers movie out, I was kind of happy to come across this figure model kit from Horizon. This is Thor. One of Horizon’s harder to come bye and out of production vinyl figure model kits.

Now, because the figure comes with a rock or small Mountain for him to rest his foot on, I decided to put an entire display base together with this one. I will also point out that the cape that comes with this version of The Mighty Thor is a “vacuform” clear plastic. I simply spray painted this red and attached it to his shoulders. I believe this to be a very detailed kit. However, the cape really appears to take a little away from this figure.

Everything was painted with acrylic with brush in hand. I finished off by using a semi-gloss clear spray because I wanted his skin to have that glistening God like look.

Dennis Hogan


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