Dennis Hogan’s Thing

The Thing from the Fantastic Four. This is an original Horizon Vinyl Figure kit. It was a pleasure bringing this famous orange rock monster to life.

To give this kit some balance and weight, I have placed shredded paper in the feet and legs. It is cheaper and easier to use than plaster.

I of course trimmed and then puttied all noticeable seems on the kit. I use the putty and then utilize nail polish remover to eliminate any excess material. This is much easier than carving and sanding after the putty dries.

A simple base coat of acrylic white primer and a couple days later I apply the base coat or Tamiya orange. I wait another full day and then begin to paint all the deep crevasses with a dirty orange. Basically just putting a little bit of brown with the orange and creating a “wash” with water.

The shorts are simply done with a mix of blue and white with a flat black belt. I finalize the model by using a tiny brush to complete the detail surrounding the face and then take a large brush to give the entire model a wash.

Dennis Hogan

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  1. A smashing likeness of the world famous Ben Grimm. Your model looks like it leapt out of Jack Kirby’s inkwell.
    “It’s clobberin’ time!”

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