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You know, I have built this one before…however, I found a kit on line that a guy was selling. He said, “my kids have started it, but got nowhere”. So, I picked it up cheap and started to work on it. What a mess.

The biggest concern was that the inside of the boots were trimmed of vinyl. This brought about trouble because the legs are to be glued on top of that vinyl. Long story short, I cut holes out of the legs and tried to pour plaster, but I am not sure if the boots were actually mounted in the correct position because the figure is back heavy. Not cool for a free standing kit. So, small pieces of vinyl were glues to the bottoms of his heels and he now stands firm.

A few over trimmed pieces and stuff not lining up was corrected with a bunch of man hours cutting small pieces of vinyl and putty…I will point out here, because of the many curves in his body, I use a little bit of nail polish remover with a Q-tip to remove the excess putty. This way all the contours are smooth.

Once primed, I cover the entire body with flat black and let it sit for a day. The next day I use Steel and silver with a DRY Brush application. I do the first dry brush very light and modest and come back the next day and repeat this. This is done for four days total.

Overall I have learned that most kits can be saved with time and effort. I also realized from doing the kit once before that I needed to put more effort into my dry brushing.

Dennis P. Hogan


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