Dennis Hogan’s Spiderman

Here is an original Horizon vinyl figure model of The Spiderman. I picked it up pretty inexpensively and always thought that it was a great looking figure. Unfortunately, I never did like the fact that in Free-standing display, it had a tendency to be knocked over by the lightest breeze or vibration to the display shelf.

So, I picked up a pieces of wood and stained it. Put a nail in the wood where I thought his left heel would be placed when standing. Then, I clipped of the flat head of the nail with some pliers. Finally, I took a drill and put a small hole in the heel of Spiderman’s foot.

Now, The Spiderman is displayed safely on a simple, but nice looking display with a simple nail holding the foot in a secure position. No more falling over.

Dennis P. Hogan



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