Dennis Hogan’s Invisible Man


This is a build up of the Moebius plastic model kit of The Invisible Man. I started the kit by putting the pants together. I did this so I could paint them with Dark Tan and then dry brush with Tan. This gave them the look of the cover Artwork from the box.

I took time to add a wooden base that this all sits on. Screws holding the floor in place are hidden by the hat and books on the floor.

I also took a little time to paint the inside of the beakers with “clear” colors. In addition, I took some rocks and sand from my Elder Brother’s train set up and placed them inside some of the clear containers on both the table and shelves.

Finally, I added little paint details to the Invisible man by painting clear green on the goggle lenses. I also painted a black rim on his over coat collar. Oh yeah, the bandages were simply painted with a grey primer and then a dry brush of flat white.

Dennis Hogan

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