Dennis Hogan’s Indiana Jones revisited


A couple of years ago, I put this vinyl figure kit of Indiana Jones together. I then sent photos of the figure to CultTVman. Now, the photos I sent way back when, are a little bit different than the new ones sent in here.

I always hated the whip that came along with this kit. It was always changing shape and or position. It was hard to display on my book shelf because I normally had to lower the angle of the whip. Not cool for an Action Hero to have a “limp” whip.

So, I was constantly thinking of Modifications to do on this figure. Finally, I just made a harness to hold his whip on his belt. This was done with a small piece of vinyl and then painted to match the belt. The extended whip was then wound tightly into a circle position and hung on the harness (see photos).

Then, after searching for a long time, I found a 1/6 scale pistol. I simply warmed up the vinyl and then cut the Whip handle from his hand. The pistol is now easily placed in the opening cut into the hand.

Finally, I gave him a wood base that was stained as you see. Overall, a project about three years or so in the making. Well worth the time, because it looks very much like the “movie” version of Indy. Let me know what you think. I appreciate any questions or comments.

Dennis P. Hogan

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