Dennis Hogan’s Horizon Hulk


This is an original Horizon vinyl figure model kit of The Hulk. Now, I have had this one for a while. Originally, I had some torn cloth hanging from around the waist, but was not really happy with the work I had done.

So, first off, I opened up the vinyl that sealed the legs off from the feet. This allowed me to pour plaster in the lower half of the figure model so I would have good weight and balance for its free standing display.

Next, I took a small piece of excess vinyl and trimmed it down very thin until I got a long piece and then bent it in half. I then took glue and created an open oval shape on his pant leg. Once it was dry, I painted inside the oval with the same green paint I originally used as a base. Once that was dry, I mixed up purple and white and painted the oval itself in order to match the material color of his pant leg. A little bit of dry brushing around the legs with a lighter purple and white and it was almost done.

Finally, instead of using a wash for the muscle definition, I took a lighter shade of green and dry brushed the face, body, arms and feet..

Dennis Hogan

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