Dennis Hogan’s Gowron



This model is a Geometric original kit. Gowron the Klingon. I was somewhat upset when I got this kit. I was told that all the parts were there. Unfortunately, the Boot Spikes and Knuckle spikes were not with the kit. So, I simply took excess vinyl that I had trimmed from pieces that were there. Difficult to carve the pieces, but no one seems to notice the difference and the model appears to look good overall.

Dennis Hogan

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  1. I love the detail in those Geometric kits. I got to meet “Gowron” actor Robert O’Reilly at a convention back in the Nineties. A couple of buddies of mine and I spoke with him and his agent/manager for a bit, and they were nice enough to invite the lot of us up to a party they were having in their rooms later that evening. Unfortunately our schedule didn’t allow us to attend, but I’ll never forget what a nice guy O’Reilly was.

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