Dennis Hogan’s DeNiro Frankenstein


This is a build up of a long out of Production vinyl figure model kit. This is the Screamin 1/4 scale Frankenstein figure kit. The figure is designed from the Robert DeNiro portrayal of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. It is pretty big and stands about fifteen inches tall.

Now, this was one of the toughest build ups I have done in a while. A large gap on the back took some effort to enclose in order to give the figure a balanced look. Another concern was having to pour the plaster in each leg before gluing the two pieces together to form the lower half of this figure. Long story short, the way the dramatic pose is designed, it only allowed a very tiny gap on the right leg to enable you to actually pour plaster in if you were to glue the pieces together first.

Once the body was painted and both the washes and dry brush were done, I started to add actual stitches to both the upper arm and leg. Now, the kit has holes marked, but I actually took the smallest drill I had and put actual holes in the vinyl. I then took the black thread and carefully put stitching in.

Finally, I bought a simple wood base at the Hobby store and then took my drill out again and did a slight indentation in the wood. This left the pattern you see in the photo of what appears to be a rock base. I then took a “wash” of Grey acrylic to the top of the wood base. This was repeated because the wood tends to soak the color up. After this dried. I took a darker Grey wash through the indentation pattern.

Overall, a really cool looking figure kit.

Dennis Hogan

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