David Lewis’s Venator Class Star Destroyer


I have recently completed a 6 month mammoth model building project, a 1.5 m long, 100% scratch built highly accurate Venator class Star Destroyer from Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. It features a very high level of detail, including interior detail (the entire flight deck can be seen including fighters and gunships loading and in hangars). I have attached some images, which speak a million words I hope. The scaling and major detail referencing actually came from the same Revel kit you have on your Fantastic Modelling homepage.

David Lewis


  1. Amazing model!
    I just received my Revell venator model and was planning on detailing it as much as possible with a hangar bay and lighting. I have been searching the web for reference images and have not found anything close to the close up level of detail I need. I was planning on watching my SW movie and Clone Wars DVD’s and taking screen shots whenever a Venator appeared.
    I was wondering where you got the reference material to make such an outstanding detailed model? Do you have any more pictures of your model that you would be willing to share.

  2. Hey i dont know if anyones going to reply to this but guess id better try

    David i was thinking of trying to make one of these myself, its more of a dream and the likley hood that id be able to do this isnt high but i just have to questions about it or maybe three now that i think about it

    1. 1st off what was this? like did you make the Cruiser from “scratch” or was it from a kit if so which one?

    2. wered you get the mini Gunships and ARC-170s in the hanger shot?

    and 3. actucally i cant remember my 3rd oh well

    ok ill ask this instead howd youd create the hanger

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