1. This model is absolutely fantastic, the shear amount of work that’s gone into this is amazing, the materials, the manufacturing and production efforts, really excellent.

    There is a website with the full construction process from start to finish, each step along the way, complete with photos, technical specifications, materials, dimensions and so on.

    If you are interested in this model then everything you need to know is on his website.

    Dave Tootill’s Space Jockey Model

  2. Thanks for the tip, KEVINTOOTILL, I’ll be sure and check out the web-site.

    I saw the roadshow model that was positioned in the courtyard of the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, the night of the premiere of Alien. That was quite a sight.
    I believe it was later that same night that it was vandalized.

    It seemed to have been made by that foam material and I always suspected some unappreciated person stuck a cigarette into it and the fire consumed it slowly until it got to a critical point and it went up.

    Seeing this replica brings back the memory of seeing the so-called Space Jockey even better than seeing it in the movie!

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