Dave Ruther’s Millennium Falcon

I stumbled across something which may be of interest. When I lived at my previous address, I built a make shift workshop in my attic. This is where I spent my spare time knocking together models. However, I moved just over four years ago. With no workshop, I tended to share the shed with my lawnmower, or use the dining room table (much to my wife’s disgust!).

When I moved house, I brought all of my models with me (all scratchbuilt) and literally ‘dumped’ them in my current attic, with all the other junk. Whilst in the attic the other day looking for a part for my Firefly in old junk boxes, I stumbled across a model, that to be honest I’d forgotten all about.

It was only when I swung my lamp into a dark corner of the room, that I discovered the ‘huge’ Millennium Falcon that I started building years ago. How on earth could I have forgot about this beast (not to mention the equally huge ATAT sadly dumped in boxes!).

I nipped back up with my camera. Have a look! Sorry about the poor quality, it was dark up there!

Dave Ruther

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