Dave Fontaine’s Captain America

Over the holidays I got a chance to build the Polar Lights Captain America, but I did a twist on their pose. I wondered what would happen if I tried repositioning the model, to make it more resemble the Avengers #4 Return of Captain America pose (I found a picture of this Captain America statue online that is based on the Avengers#4 pose – and I went for it. The outstretched right hand was perfect – it just needed to be pushing back.)

As an adult – I never like the fact that the shield hid the entire figure.

I took the Dremel out – and went to work. The right shoulder, the left arm, and the left leg were all repositioned. I chose the head in the kit that most looked like Avengers#4 (although they gave Cap a huge nose! ), and 3 days later came up with this!

The shield in the photo is from a 12″ Marvel figure – not the one from Polar Lights, it’s a smaller size, and I think it works better. The model shield seems like a flying saucer sled.

So now the whole costume shows – not just the shield.

Dave Fontaine

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