Darren Ramsay’s Phase II Enterprise

Attached are pics of my second scratchbuild. A prototype enterprise model for the show that never happened “Star Trek: Phase II”

When I found out that Paramount had planned to do a new Star Trek series before any of the movies were made, and it was canceled for no apparent reason, and also that they had designed and built a model for the Enterprise, I had to find out what it looked like.

All I could find were preliminary drawings and a blurry image of the early model.

The body was wedge shaped instead of the original tube-like body, and the nacelles looked huge.

I decided I had to build this Phase II Enterprise and add it to my collection of Enterprises – so here it is. (note: later I found images of the actual final model for the series, but it looked so much like the movie version, that I really wanted to continue with the vastly different wedge-saucer design.)

The saucer started out as the plastic casing for a velcro mitt in a velcro mit & ball catching toy. The rest was thick sintra and thin sheet styrene. Some of the paneling on the bottom of the ship (hard to see in the pictures) was a thick vinyl I had cut at a sign shop I work at. I wanted to see if the vinyl would be thick enough to be really noticed. It looks okay. The “decals” were also cut from vinyl and applied to the surface. (It’s nice working at a sign shop! Free decals!) The nacelles were film canister pens and pen lids, with sheet styrene.

If you look close at the side view you might notice the front of neck is designed to be a bit of a tribute to the original series Enterprise. (The paneling resembles the shape of the TOS neck & the window pattern on that section is exactly the same – again, sorry the detail is fuzzy in the picture – I’ve got to get a higher res digital camera)

The model is about 17″ long by 9″ wide.

Overall, I think it looks pretty good for my second scratch build.

I would like to redo the back end (shuttlebay & impulse engines), & I’m toying with the idea of repainting with some sort of Aztec pattern.

Darren J. Ramsay

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