Dark Shadows Collector’s Set from Round 2

The good people at Round 2 sent a package my way recently and it was a big surprise.  Inside was the Dark Shadows Collectors Set.   The reason this was such a surprise is that it was promoted as coming in a collector’s tin.    I’m not a big fan of tins.  They are expensive, weigh a lot, are a pain to ship, and tend to get damaged.    In fact I no longer carry any tin collector’s sets in the CultTVman Hobbyshop.


So here’s the big surprise.  It’s not a tin!   The set is packaged in a really neat cardboard box.  The cover uses photos of Barnabas and the Werewolf from the show.   There is a plastic wrap around band at the bottom end of the box that is made of glow plastic, so you could say the packaging actually glows in the dark.

Now just to verify I was not totally nuts, I went back to the Round 2 website and the kit was still listed there as coming in a Collector’s Tin.    I sent a note to my contacts at Round 2 to let them know that something was mixed up somewhere.   I was told that the project was originally planned as a tin, but that design changed early in the development stage.   Round 2 has now updated their website with more accurate information.


The kits are molded completely in glow plastic, so if you are into “glow in the dark” monster models, this is the set for you.   The model also comes with the black soft vinyl arms which were designed to be bendable so you could pose the figure.  These never really worked with the original kit in the sixties and are just as disposable today.


Of course the other great thing about this kit is that it comes with alternative resin heads.  These are the same resin heads produced by Cult of Personality and sculpted by Ray Santoleri.   The castings are excellent, making this a very good set to purchase.   The heads are cast in white which is why they are a bit washed out in the photo.  The detail is just as sharp as the heads from Cult of Personality and they are much better than the original heads that also come with the kit.

Given that the packaging has changed from the tin, we will be selling these in the Cult Shop as soon as we can get them in stock.

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