Dan Cawsey’s Fantastic Four


I’m submitting a Fantastic Four diorama that I built using a Thing figure from the Toy Biz kit and a Sue Storm figure built from a heavily modified Storm kit also from Toy Biz. The Johnny Storm and Reed Richards figures are scratchbuilt using super sculpey over wire armatures and detailed with acrylic gel paste. The base was totally scratchbuilt and wired for lighting (not really visible in any of the pics).

Each character is demonstrating some aspect of their abilities. On Torch, a lot of tinted acrylic gel was used to build up the flame effect. Invisible Woman is my least favourite as she looks like the ‘Invincible Tart’ and tends to be overly buxom….not that there’s anything wrong with that. I used a frosted sphere and acrylic gel paste to highlight her force field powers instead of the typical invisible anatomy. The Thing was just a joy to paint. I thought Mr. Fantastic would look more dramatic stretching his torso up through the opening Ben Grimm had provided.

Dan Cawsey

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