CultTVman’s Retro Rockets Newsletter

Back in 1996, in the early days of the internet, I launched CultTVman’s Sci-Fi Modeling Digest as a weekly newsletter with news, articles, emails, and the like.   It was an effort to connect people that liked to build Star Trek, Star Wars and other science fiction subjects in this new, revolutionary world that the internet opened up for us.    The first few issues were pretty naieve and primative, but it was the start of an online community that still exists today.

Over the years, the format changed a bit.  I utilized different services to send out the articles, eventually settling in a YahooGroups.   Eventually the format changed into CultTVman’s Retro Rockets, which was more a newsletter anouncing products and model news, updates to the CultTVman website, and promoting the CultTVman Hobbyshop.  As time went on, message boards and blogs grew in popularity, the internet grew faster ane more reliable, and social media gained in popularity.   The need for a weekly newsletter decreased and the time putting it together was better spent updating the website and working on other products.

Yet, Retro Rockets still exists, and I occasionally send out notices to that dedicated band of science fiction builders.   Email is still a fast and efficient way to get a message out to a lot of people that are interested in the subject matter.

So if you are not on the Retro Rockets mail list, you can sign up for it on the Retro Rockets YahooGroups webpage.