CultTVman message forum to close

The CultTVman forum is now closed


The CultTVman modeling site/forum/shop has always been a dynamic changing platform for model builders. As time goes by, changes are made, improvements, and new technologies all come into play. It has always been my goal to be flexible to meet the needs of the hobby.

Back in the late 1990’s when I launched the CultTVman website, there were many requests for a discussion forum. The forum started as a Miva platform. Later it was part of Hobbytalk, then Yuku, before becoming a separate forum.

With the growth of the internet, there have been more and more forums, and the emergence of Facebook as the uber-social media monster. Many of the other forums are fragmented, focusing on specific areas of the hobby. Others have turned into mini-social groups, where people discuss everything but the hobby. As time has passed, a forum like this has become less relevant, and receives less traffic.

I think the time has come to close the CultTVman forum. The main site at will not change. It will continue to be a resource of hobby information and a showcase for the models you want to show off. The Hobbyshop is not going anywhere either. Business continues to grow and occupies more and more of my time.

I encourage you to share your comments on models on the main CultTVman site. I also encourage you to participate on Facebook where we have the CultTVman Fantastic Model Builders group and the CultTVman Hobbyshop pages. You can post photos in both places and discuss the hobby.

I want to thank everyone that has participated in the forum and its various incarnations over the years. There are a lot of great builders in this hobby and I appreciate all your contributions.

The forum (and only the forum!) will be closing in July 2014.



  1. Sorry to see the forum close Steve. I’ve enjoyed it for the past 8 years and found it to be a great source of modeling-related information.


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