Craig Wheeler’s Spiderman


This is the Polar Lights reissue of the classic Aurora kit, Spiderman. When I purchased the kit (on the heels of the first movie) and opened it, I wondered who is this villain? I had little knowledge on the background of Spiderman. After some searching on the Internet, I discovered the villain in this model kit is named Kraven. You would think he would at least be identified in the kit instructions, but was not. I painted Kraven based on my research of him, so all the colors are completely hand mixed, based on what I thought looked good. You know, a little of this, a little of that, and some of this – and that looks good to me! It’s a shame he’s all molded as one piece with the base, but I am pleased with my results. I airbrushed his skin, pants, and the floor, then hand brushed everything else on the base. I gave the floor a wash, as well as a dry brush to bring out the texture. Kraven’s cuffs and belt had no detail on them, so I painted the pattern at random. The staircase was airbrushed with a darker shade of brown than the floor, then washed and dry-brushed.

For Spiderman, I puttied all the seams and sanded them smooth. Because of his posture, I had to completely paint him with his arms off. Then glue them on and tried to touch up the seams with a painted body. I painted all the lines on his body suit with a black ink artist pen. This worked perfect. The model kit has his eyes recessed, which would leave a border around the eye that would be painted black. But this border would be too wide, and the white part of his eyes would look too small for his face. I didn’t like the look of that, so, I filled in this depression with putty. I then painted the entire eye white and painted a small black outline around the eye. This looks more like Spiderman from the movies. I painted Spiderman with Insignia Red and a Royal Blue. I then used Dullcote over everything.

My knowledge of how Spiderman makes a web comes from the movies. He appears to open his hand, but keeps his third and fourth fingers closed. This model was molded with his right hand generating the web with a completely open hand. So, I cut off his third and fourth fingers and glued then in the closed position. To fill in the space of where the knuckles would be, I cut off some of the sprue from the tree, filed it down to size and glued it in place. Then I applied a little putty to fill in the gaps and sanded it smooth. I thought it turned out pretty good.

For the background, I sprayed both sides of the clear web, with Dullcote. This gave it a frosted look. I then painted the web with a light sea grey. The web that Spiderman is generating may look pretty cheesy, but for an out of the box kit, I’m quite happy.

Craig Wheeler

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