Just arrived! Zombies of the Apocalypse Scene 2 figures

Now available in the CultTVman Hobbyshop!


Gecco’s next batch of 1:16 zombie figure kits will be out in late December.   The feature figures of The Cook, The Waitress, and The Biker.  Each plastic figure features 15 to 22 parts and stand a little over 4 inches.

  • The Cook
    While trying to rescue his own daughter from a horde of zombies, the cook didn’t realize his waitress
    daughter was already infected. She attacked him viciously ripping his throat out!  Filled with rage amidst the chaos, the zombie cook fights and attacks wielding a heavy frying pan!  Frying pan, hat and apron are included/
  • The Waitress
    It was a regular morning rush at her father’s diner when a lone customer caught her attention, looking sick and out of it. She didn’t realize he was infected until the customer bit her arm, spilling blood over the fresh dish she just placed on the table!  Now a zombie herself, the waitress hobbles around holding her serving tray, her body remembering her day job, an eerie creepy smile plastered across her face.  Tray, pen and zombie arms are included.
  • The Biker
    The Biker was driving on the freeway when the outbreak started and the dead began walking the streets.
    Losing control of his bike, he veered into the opposite lane of traffic and crashed into a car, shattering his
    skull and neck upon impact. His body went reeling across the pavement, rolling end over end, a large truck ran over his legs severing them below the knees as a final goodbye!  Severed legs are included. Also possible to stand him with legs.

Scene 2:
Day 1, 1:27pm at diner

Our heroine barely got away from the freeway zombies. She made up her mind to go to the small diner just off the freeway. Surely there must be a working phone to call for help right?

No sooner did she get to the parking lot at the diner she realized all hope was gone. A biker whose legs were broken in a horrific accident was squirming on his back almost blocking her path. She headed into the dinner with great caution and fear hoping he wouldn’t follow her. Once inside she nearly slipped in a pool of blood, and found the hands and legs of peoples all over the floor. Dead bodies everywhere. Something horrible must have happened here.
In a moment, the Waitress came from the back of the diner her mouth covered in blood, and her eyes cloudy and gray. Our Heroine used a table as a shield, pushing the infected waitress into the wall. Just then, a loud noise from the opposite side of the diner caused her to turn as a stout elderly cook appeared before her. His slashed throat was still fresh, and his eyes were clouded and infected. She can’t use the phone because the cook is running towards her holding a frying pan.  She quickly threw the chair at the cook knocking him off balance. The dead bodies on the floor start waking up after hearing the commotion. One after another, they rise from the ground, heading towards her…

She narrowly escaped the diner running past the legless Biker in the parking lot. If there’s a Biker, there must be a bike right? She scanned the horizon and found one turned over on the pavement. She ran to the bike and stood it up. It wouldn’t win any beauty pageants but if it worked, she’d be able to get to her sister Cindy. She put the bike in gear and hit start miraculously it worked on the first try!  She rushed out of the parking lot speeding away on her bike towards downtown, hopeful her sister Cindy is waiting there and still safe.

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