Chuck Anderson’s Battlestar Galactica


It took me about five years, part time, to build. I started it when I was living in Wisconsin but finished it in Colorado! I used the only reference material I could find — the pictures on the instruction sheet for the model kit and the kit itself, plus the Galactica photo novel which has some nice pictures.

I used mainly sheet styrene. I created a frame work from balsa wood and aluminum, then I covered the whole thing with sheet styrene. I then went to work with a whole lot of kit parts. What I couldn’t find I carved from balsa foam and replicated with molds and resin. The small tanks that adorn the engine side on the original studio miniature are actually hand made from sheet styrene. That took almost a week to do all those. I have running lights and engine lights. I even made a Cylon raider to scale and it is making a strafing run on the topside. there is also a scale viper launching out one of the tubes.

Chuck Anderson

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