Chris Marks’ Battle Droid


I call this “The Forgotten Menace”. I lucked into 4 of the AMT/ERTL STAP kits for about $3.00 each at a local Dollar General. I had planned on using the STAP’s to fill out my parts box but had no idea of what to do with the Battle Droids, but I knew I wanted to build them. I finally settled on the idea of a few Droids that were left abandoned after the battle for Naboo.

Both were painted using acrylics in varying shades of Tan and Brown. I dry brushed in acrylic metallic pewter color when the paint on the Droids was almost dry. I was trying for a looks that illustrated the harshness of the Naboo swamp, making the paint look almost washed away rather than chipped or scraped. I then did several washes in dark browns, and blacks. Next I dry brushed with some light tan colors, and wiped most of this away with a paper towel. This made a few spots look sun bleached. I then used a flat black and Lamppost, which is a dark pewter shade on the busted Droid’s battle damage. The wires are from an old telephone system, these also got a bit of black wash on them for that charred look. Last I dry brushed some Ivy green onto the areas where the mold would latter be ‘growing’. I sealed the whole thing with Acrylic sealer, and painted the base in greens and browns.

Using tacky glue and a old paint brush I smeared the ‘molding’ places of the Droids and dumped a generous amount of the railroad turf onto them, I repeated this several times until the glue no longer showed, creating the moss growing on them. Using a Dremel and tacky glue I planted the tall weeds, which were dried plants from a local craft shop’s floral department. I used two types of florist moss for the grass, one green and a little bit of brown. I put them both into a plastic box and using a pair of scissors diced it up until it was almost like a fine powder. I mixed in a dash of light green railroad turf, and a few small twigs. Then I planted it with tacky glue and attached the creatures (Both from the Episode one Battle Bags) with tacky glue. These were fun guys to build and paint. This is one of the few times the ERTL Star Wars line produced a great kit.

Chris Marks a.k.a. Yeti-Man

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