Chris MacGregor’s Psycho House

Here is the Bates Mansion. I built this using some ideas I got from Modelers Resource Magazine. The only problem I have is that I have never worked with landscaping stuff before, so if any of you guys have any Ideas please feel free to let em fly. In general I built it straight out of the box, except for the land build up and Mother Bates room (which you really cant see to good in the picture, sorry). The build up is made out of some screening and resin. I made the room out of some sheet styrene. I painted the room in Light Ghost Gray and then hit the Internet for some furnishing. I scaled down a picture of a rug, wallpaper and a framed picture for the wall. If anyone is interested in the graphics I created for the room let me know and I would be happy to send it to you. The house itself was painted in Flat White and the roof was done in rust. Than I weathered the daylights out of it, and I do mean weathered! I got it all nice and pretty, than using really dirty brush cleaner, I air brushed the entire house and just went nuts. Well, the end result, to me, is not half bad.

Chris MacGregor

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