Chris Cortel’s Spidy and Black Cat

I combined two kits into one. All paints were Folk Art craft acrylic paint, all painted by hand. Since there are no models of the Black Cat, I used the Toy-Biz Storm. The first step was to get her legs into proportion. I cut 1/2″ out of Storms left thigh and 1/4″ out her right. I don’t know why they were made out of proportion to begin with but they were.

I then filled the cut with automotive glazing putty and blended her legs smooth. I also filled in the lines for Storms boots as the Black Cat wears a one piece black jumpsuit.

The next step was to remove Storms cape. To do this I used my Dremel motor and sanded off the cape on her arms and filled in the register holes on her shoulders. Now since I had to smooth out her arms I had to sand through the plastic so this left holes in her arms in a few spots. Like her legs, I used automotive glazing putty and filled in her arms to smooth those out.

Once all the major modifications to her body was done, I then sanded with 1200 grit paper for the final sanding before paint.

I then cut off the register on the bottom of her head because I didn’t want her looking sideways like the Storm kit and attached her head. Once all that was dry, I then mixed 5 colors to get her skin tone. I used Camel, Parchment, White, Acorn, and Pink. All craft acrylics. Once I was happy with the skin tone, I painted her face and chest area.

Since the Storm kit face was rather manly looking I wanted to soften the features up for the Black Cat. I made her eyes a little bigger and use Sage Green for eye color and eye shadow. I made her lips fuller using a basecoat of Barn Red and a light coat of Magenta. I then used Future for lip gloss and eyes. I then painted on her mask with Black Licorice.

Now the hair that was included with the Storm kit was the god awfullest thing I had ever seen. So I used Mohair and gave her real hair. The color is Honey Blonde. The wife helped me on this since I’m no hair stylist. But using a comic book cover pic of the Black Cat, I got the basic hair style down. To soften her face a little more, I made her bangs full. A spot of white glue on her shoulders helps keep her hair draped over her shoulders. I then just trimmed up the bottom to waist length.

Her suit I painted Black Licorice, and painted on her zipper and pull ring with Aluminum. I removed the knives out of her hands and just had her pointing. Her collar, tufts on back of calves, and gloves are made from cotton. I used white glue to attach these. Her choker is cording and her locket is a seed bead. I then applied two coats of Future on her suit and mask and a coat of matte sealer on her skin.

Spiderman is Cobalt Blue and Barn Red, I used a black wash to bring out his webbing on his suit. One coat of matte sealer on him. The spider is Aluminum with a black wash and cotton for the smoke. The base is a grey mixture sealed in matte. The sign I made in Paint Shop Pro and printed it on card stock and glued it to the base.

Chris Cortel

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