Building the AMT Refit Enterprise by Don Matthys part 1


This Work In Progress (WIP) journal is to chronicle the building of the Starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701A. This ship was first featured in this configuration at the end of the movie “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”. The TOS original and refit Enterprise having been destroyed by Admiral Kirk’s self destruct order. This ship was recommissioned (from USS Tia Ho) to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701A. Thus starting a tradition of always having a ship bear the name of “Enterprise” in Star Fleet from then on. James T. Kirk now reduced in rank assumes command.

In real life production of the Star Trek Movies this motion control miniature has never been destroyed but repainted and redressed many times for models in the movies. The original miniature at about six feet in length and costing about $500,000, was refinished and marked throughout its movie career. Finally retired from films, its last studio sponsored public display in the 1992 Star Trek Exhibition at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. The details paint and markings with the “E-A” exceptions will be the same as used with the original ST:TMP motion control model. Other miniatures in various smaller sizes and special close up sections where also used in filming. [Update: In Oct 2006, the studio model was sold by Paramount at auction for about $285,000]

Over the last few months I have gathered up materials to make this project . This time I will use a resin detail kit from Don’s Light and Magic and Lightsheet as a lighting source in the Warp Engines. Many references mentioned as below will also be sited. The principle model used is an old smooth kit of the TMP Enterprise. They are rare but around and I was lucky enough to find one still in the wrapper at a bargain.



  • General Plans: U.S.S. Constitution II Class
    Classification: Class 1 Starship of the line
    Type: Heavy Cruiser, Model: MK 1X-A B
    Published By Pocket Books 1980
    Copyright: David A Kimble
  • *Star Fleet Assembly Manual # 4, (Advanced detail and painting tips) Fanzine published by Paul M Newitt
  • The Making of STII:TWOK By Allan Asherman  Pocket Books, 1980
  • The Art of Star Trek:By Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Pocket Books 1995
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture, USS Enterprise Cutaway Poster
  • Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise, By Shane Johnson


  • Drill, powered motor tool preferred with A selection of small bits
  • Hole Reamers
  • Pencil, Mechanical, small lead
  • Scribing Tool
  • Dremel Burrs, small
  • Jewelers Files


  • Evergreen Plastics, scribed sheets and strips
  • Fiber Optics, .40, .050 dia.
  • Plexiglas 1/8 inch
  • Clear casting resin, Envirotex, or Ultra Glo


  • Principle Model: USS Enterprise, Star Trek the Motion Picture, Lesney AMT, Stock No.S97061
  • Scrap Parts model: USS Enterprise, Special Electronics Edition, ERTL/AMT No. 6957

Detail Custom Add-On Kit:

  • Don’s Light and Magic: Star Ship Enterprise Movie Version.

Decals used to supplement markings:

  • Web Games
  • Grey Wolf
  • DLM custom made graphics
  • others



  • 2 DLM /LED Flasher circuits. One circuit slow speed for Nav Position Lights (R2 @ 200 ohm). One circuit at faster speed for Navigation Strobe Lights, (R2 @ 150 ohm)
  • LEDs 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 red, 4 blue. micro-mini 2 t-1 Blue for Magnatomic Crystal
  • Lamps: 2 large bayonet socket 6 volt, 4 grain of wheat.
  • Light Sheet; 1 power pack with 2 5.5″x.5 Light Sheets, (inside of Warp Engines)
  • POWER SUPPLY: 6 volts @ 700ma.

Check CultTVman’s Lighting Page to help you find some of the electronic material you  will need fro this project.

Some good Web sites to visit to help you with paint and markings:

  • CultTVman’s SF Modeling Page!
  • CultTVman – Modeling Star Trek section
  • The CONTINUUM  [dead site]
  • William McCullars’ IDIC page [dead site]

(References dtd. 8/21/97)

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