Building a better Bridge part 1 by Steve Iverson


The AMT Bridge kit has always been a bit frustrating.  The details were inaccurate, the figures were crude, and the design was simplistic.   But it was still a cool kit.  The model was originally produced in the mid-seventies, and was reissued in the early ninties with improved figure heads and decals.  It is roughly 1:35 or 1:32 scale.

Lunar Models put out a detail set 20 years ago, but that is long out of production.   It included replacement chairs, Spock’s station, elevator, a Dr. McCoy figure, and a few other parts.

More recently, Outer Space Outfitters produced a nice set of graphics to improve the model.   Opening up all the areas for lighting is a lot of work, but the resuls are pretty good.

In 2010, Creature Arts came out with their own set of Ultimate Bridge parts.  The set was designed by Marc King of Resin Ranger, based in part on the Mike McMaster Bridge blueprints.   The patterns were refined by Don Matthys of Don’s Light and Magic.    The set includes:

  • improved Captain’s chair
  • 6 “Burke” chairs and bases
  • main viewscreen with clear insert and accessable back panel
  • improved turbo lift doors with clear “red alert” beacon
  • replacement nav/helm station with targeting viewer
  • 4 clear detailed control panels for the work stations.

Of course, this doesn’t solve all the problems with the kit.  There are still the missing work stations and inacurate upper viewscreens.   And this leads us to the next part of the story…

Building a Better Bridge part 2

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