Brad Eastman’s Defiant

I used Don Mathys’ clear parts for lighting the Defiant were used. Most of the lighting in the model is provided by two fluorescent tubes that provide illumination for the windows.

I drilled out the center holes for the emergency plasma vents, thinned the plastic and glued sheet styrene sprayed with Tamiya clear blue underneath them to reproduce the blue glue.

The main deflector is lit by three white LEDs. The red and green running lights on the outside of the warp engines are red and green LEDs, and the blinking lights (3 on the top, 3 on the bottom) are yellow LEDs that were rigged to flash (a friend built the timing circuit).

I pretty much ignored the painting instructions provided by AMT, mixing most the colors – the base color is German RLM Light Grey, which though darker than what AMT suggests, more closely approximates what is seen on screen. The whole kit and kaboodle is powered by 4 1.5volt c cells.

Brad Eastman

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