Bob Koenn’s Polar Lights ’66 Batmobile




I had built the original Aurora Batmobile back in the day as well as a year ago so I really was looking forward to their new deluxe 1/25th scale kit. I got it as a Christmas present and started on it that day. I went for the internal combustion engine and the kit actually has a number of different parts depending on whether you build the IC or turbine engine. Assembly was clean but involved somewhat. The engine was very detailed and took some time and fine work to build and paint. The frame and suspension detail was also significant but all those details make it a better and more accurate kit. I did the body with Testors gloss black from the spray can and buffed it out somewhat with toothpaste. The interior detailing was quite good and took some extra effort, mostly by hand, to paint and assemble. The deluxe kit includes many silver metal photoetched parts but I used only about half of them. I used the grills in the front and rear and some the Bat radar. I thought some of the other parts really wouldn’t integrate too well so left them off. I also stripped all the plastic chrome parts and airbrushed them with Alclad chrome which gives a much more realistic finish. Finally, I did the window frame trim with Bare Metal Foil chrome which worked very well. It ended up a great kit and brings back fond memories of a very cool car from a corny but fun TV show of my youth.

Bob Koenn

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