Bob Koenn’s Monster Models

Here are the models I have done over the last couple of years. I think they are fairly self explanatory and most are sell known styrene kits. The monster clock was from Earthbound Studios. I’ll send another email with more models.

Bob Koenn

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  1. A few notes on each model:

    Monster Clock: I really liked the idea of turning each classic monster into a clock number. The model was in resin and was produced by Earthbound Studios. There is a mixture of airbrushing and detailed hand painting with about 80% by hand. I was very happy with the results but it was tedious.

    The Moebius Invisible Man is maybe my favorite monster model. It simply has such a great pose and so much detail. I used the TSDS decal set and there was a large amount of detailed work on the kit. It has won a couple of awards at contests and received a third place at Wonderfest 2010.

    The Monarch Nosferatu was a great kit also. It was the first monster kid I had done from when I was a young kid and I was very happy with it. It is a mix of airbrushing and detailed hand painting.

    The Phantom of the Opera is the Monsters in Motion resin kit sculpted by Jeff Yagher. It is one of his series of Aurora box art kits. It is big being about 1/4 scale and is very nice, definitely like the box art. Once again, a mixture of airbrushing and hand painting. It won a merit award at Wonderfest 2010 and a first place at Jaxcon 2011.

    Dracula was another of the MIM Aurora box art kits sculpted by Jeff Yagher. It is a nice kit although much less detailed overall than the Phantom. And once again, a big kit being about 1/4 scale.

    The Munsters cars were from the new repop of the AMT kit from the ’60s. I think I had them both back then and so it was a nice nostalgic build. The bodies were painted with Testors spray while most of the other painting was by hand or airbrush. On the Koach I stripped the chrome and painted those metal parts either gold or silver with Alclad. It makes for a nicer finish than the model chrome finish.

    The Wolfman is the Polar Lights model which is no longer available. It is a rather low quality kit as far as parts match and moldings go but being small it wasn’t too difficult to make it look good. What is nice though is that it is a good rendition of the classic Chaney wolfman unlike the Aurora kit.

    The final model was the Moebius Frankenstein. I really like this kit and it does a good job portraying Frankenstein. It is not too difficult a kit to build and paint although all those bolts on the door are tedious to paint. This got a Wonderfest 2010 merit award and a first place at IPMS Spacecoast 2010.

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