1. The Batman is a Monogram repop of the classic Aurora kit, the Superboy is the new Moebius release, and the Batmobile is the Polar Lights repop. The only one I built when I was growing up was the Batmobile but I believe I did a much better job on it this time around! I do remember building the Aurora Superman, which I also built again prior to these three, but had never done the Batman or Superboy before. All things considered these were all fun kits to build, look nice on the shelf, and bring back fond memories of growing up in the 60s.

  2. I love the choice of colours for the Batman, wish you had one for sale!

    Would you be interested in this one? I have another I can build to replace it. I have never sold a built model before so am uncertain of what price they would go for. Let me know what you think if you get this message.

    Bob Koenn

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