Baker Shannon’s Polar Lights Refit


This is a built and fully lit USS Enterprise refit as seen in Star Trek the Motion Picture. This was built form the highly anticipated 1:350 scale kit manufactured by Polar Lights. It is a large kit, around three feel long and 16 inches wide. I have been working on this model since the kit came out. It is lit with nothing but LEDs. As you know from my previous builds I always use LEDs because they are the safest choice and will provide you with a much longer live than nay other light source.

I spent quite a while searching for the right colors for this model. My goal was to make it as close as possible to the studio miniature. Unfortunately there was no paint available in hobby stores that came close enough to the colors that Paul Olsen used to paint the 8 foot studio model. Therefore, I had to come up with my own mix and after several tries and mixtures I think I got it to look as close to the real Enterprise as possible. I was meticulous to the last detail. The model is fully azteced with my own mixture of subtle pearlecent colors that on the studio model appear more obviously when the light hits the hull. It also has just the right amount of weathering and scuffing (like on the torpedo launcher) to mach the studio miniature.

This model is not only great because of its sheer size, but it also has many features that enhance its realism, like a detailed interior such as the shuttle bay, the arboretum, and the VIP lounge (lower aft of the main bridge). I was able to light all 3 interiors provided with the kit. the shuttle bay interior is not only lit but fully decaled as well. It also has 3 visible work bees docked inside (the shuttle bay comes with removable door for access). The arboretum is fully detailed and lit. so is the VIP lounge. They can be seen through the windows.

There are also a couple more features included which is the unique spotlights positioned everywhere they should be positioned according to the drydock seen in the movie Star Trek The Motion Picture: the main hull (top and bottom), the neck, and the rear of the warp nacelles. The other feature is a couple of suspended shuttles near the center piece model, a federation travel pod and a long range shuttle. The model also has navigation and formation lights blinking in an alternating sequence. The model is placed on the stock base, also decaled. The model is powered by a 9 volt AC/DC adapter.

Baker Shannon

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