Anthony Auverdin’s Phase II Enterprise


It has been thirty years she was expected! Not the Trek Lost Series ‘Star Trek:Phase II’ but the Enterprise from that series originally based on Walter M. Jefferies’s drawings.

This model is made using parts from the AMT Ertl Cutaway 22″ Enterprise and the AMT Ertl Movie era NCC-1701-A Enterprise and some styrene sheets for details. Warp nacelles were modified with grooved styrene sheets for the intercoolers. Aft top nacelle pylons were cut off. The entire hangar bay was removed and replaced by the Classic Enterprise hangar bay. I did the same for the saucer bottom part and the bridge ABC-deck at the saucer top. I modified the aft curve of the BC-deck and add two turbolift tubes on the rear bridge. All the impulse engine section was replaced by the Classic one and was slightly improved. The neck section was reinforced by an appendix able to support a torpedo launcher tube made by adding two styrene tube halves together. The forward breaking-shape neck appendix was made by bending a simple cut piece of styrene. All the gaps were filled in with putty. I used enamel color to paint the model. Decals are from the Cutaway 22″ model.

I began this model in December 2007 and I finish it in February 2008, so it is the thirtieth anniversary of the Lost series ‘Phase II’. I was not born in 1977 but I’m a Trek fan and I think it is something natural to commemorate a such ‘aborted’ event!

Anthony Auverdin


  1. Absolutely beautiful build; have always been a huge fan of the “lost” ENTERPRISE. Any chance you’ll be building/selling additional models?

  2. Great looking ship. Back when the first TREK film came out, I picked up one of the “smoothie” Enterprise kits with lights and slapped it together. Later I picked up the lights & sound kit, hoping my skills had improved, and tucked the older kit away with thoughts of trying to do a Phase II version of the Enterprise. (Even picked up an aftermarket set of decals for the 22″ cutaway for the project.) Glad to see someone else out there thought enough of the “lost Enterprise” to bring it to life!

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