Andrew Harrell’s NX-01


This is my most recent scrathcbuild project. Four months ago I set out to build my own NX-01. I got started with the first photo published in TV Guide. I started to jot down some ideas and donor models that I could possibly use parts from.

My NX started life as a ERTL Enterprise C saucer. I cut the hemisphere off the bottom and glued it on top. Next I glued a large piece Of sheet plastic to the bottom. Next I built out the two extensions off the saucer by ribbing with plastic and filling with Bondo.

I decided to save the bottom for last since there were not many pics available at the time. So I went on to the warp nacelles. Since each had the same detail inboard and outboard I used inner halves from two TOS 18″ E’s. Each nacelle was shortened front, rear, and middle. The bussard collectors were scratch built with Evergreen strips and some 1/2 inch wood balls I picked up at the craft store. The rear end parts of the nacelles were crafted form solid Bondo. The nacelle pylons were made from layering Evergreen plastic, as were the connecting pylons for the rear sensor pod. The sensor pod was made from two bridge sections of Romulan B.O.P.s from the old three ship sets, with some added detail. The impulse engines were carved from Bondo. The bridge was the ERTL Ent-C bridge trimmed down to size.

I crafted the bottom of the ship almost completely from Bondo After I got hold of some good screencaps. It took three redos before I was happy with it.

Final assembly included covering the entire saucer with Bondo glazing putty, and sanding smooth. A lot of evergreen strips and half round rods created the surface detail as well as some detail borrowed from some other kits in the spare parts box.

Painting was pretty simple. since the ship has a real metallic look I shot a basecoat of flat aluminum. All or the grid lines were done with a compass and pencil and the contrasting panels were a mix of Testors steel and copper. The decals were a mix of scales mostly from TOS enterprise kits.

The donor kits were: 1x ERTL Ent-C, 2x ERTL TOS 18″ ent., 1 ERTL Excelsior, 2x Romulan BOP(space ship set), 1x ERTL Reliant, 1x AMT Tyderium shuttle. Other materials used were : 1x small can Bondo, Evergreen sheets strips and rods, Bondo glazing putty, Two tubes of testors glue, 1x tube superglue, and two 1/2″ wood balls.

Andrew Harrell

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