Alex Attard’s X-Wing

I built an X-Wing when I was a kid, needless to say I didn’t do a very good job.

With the re-release of Star Wars, I was inspired to build another X-Wing. This time with many years of model building under my belt. I decided this time that I would do as much research as possible to make it look good. I used a lot to new techniques on this model I never tried before.

Apart from getting as much detail from original X-Wing pictures, I wanted to add as much detail as I possible could, or am capable of doing. For the first time I used pencil to draw panel lines, for that paint flake look, I actually scratched paint. The whole X-Wing was undercoated in a second coat of matte black, which is a technique I used on previous Vipers.

The undercoat of black allows you to sand a little harder going through to top coat to bring the black up from underneath, also if you have any panel lines which are raised as in the X-Wing, light sanding will highlight these panel lines. Giving you a good look I think..

I entered my X-Wing in our modelling competition held every March, which I was fortunate enough to win third prize in the open sci-fi category, that particular year.

I’d be happy to help or answer any questions.



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