Alan C. Davis’ Monster Models


Included is the Gorgo kit, The Hunchback, the Munster’s living room and Rat Fink.


I’ve been modeling, drawing, and sculpting off and on for my entire life and spent 42 years in the newspaper business, taking an early retirement in 2011. I competed in many IPMS competitions in the 80’s and 90’s, mostly military in nature, and won my share of trophies, modeling mostly Russian WW 2 armor.  I moved from that into mostly fantasy, super hero, plastic and resin kit modeling, doing both client builds and pieces for myself.


I followed the late, great Shepard Paine’s techniques for figure assembly and painting. Assembly with either plastic cement or 2 part epoxy, depending on the kit material, putty as required, once again with either plastic putty or 2 part epoxy putty, sand and prime. Check for surface flaws and address if required. I base coat with custom mixed acrylics (if required) to match the colors I’m looking for, then over paint the entire figure with oils to pull out the subtle shading and lighting. Once satisfied with the paint and after the oil dries, I hit it with Dullcote and let it sit for a few days, then reexamine the finish. If it passes my inspection, another once over with the Dullcote, then the appropriate gloss or semi gloss is applied where needed, and it’s on to the next project.

Alan C. Davis


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