Agatha Chamberlain’s Refit Enterprise diagrams

This diagram project began as a project to create decals for the saddle and forward hull details. It sort of got out of hand. I began to notice other details as well. Like the pinstriping on the tops of the warp nacells. And, of course, window discrepancies. Why can’t ERTL get windows correct?

These are diagrams comparing the markings and details on the first movie Enterprise (for clarity hereafter referred to as the Refit Enterprise) and the Enterprise-A. Some of the notes refer to modifications that I made to the ERTL kit and my not apply to others kits. A great deal of the information is from the wonderful pictures on Phil Broad’s website. The color pictures are very helpful. Especially those of the bridge.

1. The small square hatches, as well as the running lights are bordered in red.

2. The upper dome as well as the bridge facing seems to more of a platinum color rather than silver.

3. There are a bunch of miniscule differences in the saddle patterns of the two versions extending to more than just in overall coloring. These two rectangular marks are a significant one found only on the Refit Enterprise

4. Note the three yellow pinstripes.

5. Note the black pin striping.

6. The framing around the lounge windows is a different color than the rest of the gray band. I used intermediate blue for this.

7. Bridge details painted a light gray-green

8. Some of these gridlines needed to be cut in the ERTL kit.

9. Note the rectangular shape. The ERTL kit has then square and not all there.

10. Phaser banks and keel light are at the forward end of the grid. Not centered.

11. & 12. The grid lines on the lower hull were not on the ERTL kit and had to be cut. Note differences the Enterprise have more grid detail.

13. The marking are ONLY on the Enterprise-A.

14. In no picture that I have ever seen does it show a divider in this hatch

15. There is a border around the dorsal neck.

16. The red pin striping doesn’t pass through the neck markings on the Enterprise-A.

17. These selected windows are only found on the one side of the ship. And you thought the ship was symmetrical!!!! OK, so I have this obsession with windows, but close examination of Phil’s pictures also show that the Refit Enterprise and the Enterprise-A each have unique window patterns.

18. The airlock was raised a bit as well as made smaller.

19. The saddle extends aft of the warp pylons.

20. The ERTL kit grid lines needed extensive re-working. The line through the airlock was raised (requiring the raising of all the effected windows and the airlock) Gridlines were cut around the forward engineering hull panels. The vertical and lower lines were also corrected.

21 Neck panels have different details.

22. The forward panels are not uniform.

23 The Refit Enterprise does not have the two smaller round windows.


  1. I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone’s attempts at itemizing the differences between the outsides of the E-refit and the Enterprise-A..If anyone ever has done that! Well done..

  2. Good reference for modelers. The only thing I’d add is that the two oval windows on the secondary hull beneath and just aft of the nacelle strut are only on the port side of the ship and not the starboard. Best shot of this is a flyby in “Wrath of Khan”, when the Enterprise approaches Regula 1.

  3. Beautiful comparison between the two, Agatha!

    But the only time I saw no small portholes along the Rec Deck windows (#23) was in ST5. Refitted E (ST1,2,3) and Ent-A (ST4&6) had them. I reference the HD screencaps at

    I know, I know….**AAAGGGHHH!!** Best wishes from one detail nut to another!

    “..the revolution is successful..”

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