Adam Courville’s Lighted NX-01


Here’s some images I’d like to share with you of a 1/1000 scale lighted NX-1 from Polar Lights. This assembly has the most LED’s packed in such a small package to date from previous 1/1000 models completed. Not much was changed on the model except drilling out the windows and permanently mounting it to a hollow wood base.

Most of the LED’s are 3mm super bright LED’s (1 red and 1 blue in the nacelles, 1 blue in each of the impulse engines, 1 green and 1 red flashing nav lights, and 1 blue for the deflector dish) and 3 5mm white LED’s in the main hull for the rest of the lighting FX. All are powered by a 9 volt battery enclosed in the base with a circuit board for the flashing lights. Colored ribbon wire was used for all connections.

The inside was painted with flat black Model Master acrylic and then chrome silver Model Master enamel. The outside finish was done with Model Master acrylic steel first, masked with a random aztec pattern, and then finished up with acrylic aluminum. The decals supplied in the kit were used and sealed with brushed on dullcoate. The small amount of weathering was brushed on with acrylic paint as well. The windows were filled in with a water based glue and also sealed with a touch of dullcoat. Again, quite small for so much stuff going inside, but many hours of enjoyment putting it together!

Adam Courville

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