This page was started in summer 1996 (I can’t recall the specifics!) as a road map to the best SF Modeling material on the  internet.   I had been trying to locate the legendary Paul Newitt, author of the Starfleet Assembly Manuals in the late seventies.  I couldn’t locate Paul, but I found a few good sites about models  —  places like Troy Dowen’s Page [now gone] and Roger  Sorensen’s Page.  So I linked to them.  At first there were two pages, one devoted to the Aurora Monsters and one that eventually evolved into the contents page.  Other early material included the images from the Smithsonian Star Trek exhibit.  From there the site grew.   I was contacted by a few guys like William McCullars .   Soon people were asking me questions I could not answer, so I started the SF Modeling Digest (now Retro Rockets) to contact the experts out there.

Over the years, CultTVman has had several message boards, starting with a small Miva based board before migrating to a shared board for several years and then an independent forum in 2005.

A few other milestones:

  • Summer 1996, CultTVman is launched on AOL
  • early 1997 our first trip to Wonderfest!
  • Dec 1997, I obtained the CultTVman domain, hosted briefly at GeoCities, and we topped 30,000 visitors.
  • Jan 1999 we topped 90,000.
  • Feb 14, 1999, the counter on the  entry page turned over 100,000.
  • July 1999 we hit 150,000
  • March 2000 we hit 200,000.
  • August 2000 our first book!  CultTVman’ Ultimate Modeling Guide to the Jupiter 2
  • Sept 2000 we hit 300,000
  • January 2002, we had over 600,000 on the counter.
  • January 2003, we crossed the 1,000,000 mark on the counter.
  • 2005 We passed 2 million
  • Jan 2005 the forum on EZboard started
  • Early 2005 we launched the began running the Hobbyshop with eCommerce software
  • Feb 2006  — there are over 2000 pages of material here.
  • April 2006 we launched the new phpboard forum on the new CultTVman.biz domain
  • June 2006 we upgraded the Hobbyshop to new software on the CultTVman.biz domain
  • August 2006 we begain the migration of material to the newly designed CultTVman 2 site.
  • In 2007 we upgraded and massively expanded the CultTVman Shop
  • August 2009, we migrated to a more reliable hosted Hobbyshop service.
  • In late 2009 we began experimenting with the blog format for news and site updates.
  • January 2010 we migrated the main site to the new WordPress format.  The page visitor count at that time was over 3 million.

Currently there are about 1300 subscribers to the Retro Rockets SF Modeling Digest and that number has held steady for a couple years.   That is a lot of modelers.

My thanks to all those that have helped make CultTVman’s Fantastic Modeling a success!

Steve Iverson


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